Get More Etsy Keyword Searches Every Week

A healthy shop on Etsy continues to get regular visits through Keyword Searches. 

And the best way to continue to get more Sales, is to get more Views to your shop on a regular basis.

Here's an easy way to see if your Keyword Views are effective and increasing. We will calculate your Etsy Shop's Average Daily Keyword Views with these 4 easy steps:

1. First, go to your Stats page at:

2. Next, scroll down to "Traffic Sources" and click "Search" under the "Within Etsy" column.

3. Next, you will see how many Keyword Searches you've received within the last 30 Days once you click on "For: Last 30 Days." For instance, in the image below, our Etsy Shop has gotten 46,799 Views.  Of those, 5,153 views came from Keyword Searches. 

4. Next, find out the Average Daily Keyword Views you get per day by dividing your total number of "Search" Views by 30 Days. For instance, 5,153 Views divided by 30 is about 171 Search Views per Day. 

Once you find out how many Average Daily Keyword Views you are getting per day, you can then set a goal to continue to increase those views by making simple improvements to your Etsy Shop every day. 

Since our own Etsy Shop gets 171 Keyword Views per day right now, our goal is to continually and slowly move this number up higher and higher each week byupdating best-selling items that are currently getting 5 Keyword Views or less within the last 30 Days. 

Knowing your Average Daily Keyword Views can help you establish a baseline for where you should be at each day, and aim to grow this number daily. Don't expect you daily Keywords to double all of a sudden. Instead, plan to make small, incremental growth every week so that you're making calculated, planned, and logical steps in growing your Etsy Shop, rather than leave it to chance. 

If you see that your Keyword Views are getting lower or staying the same, then you know the work you are doing on your Keywords is not improving, and you need to try a new strategy. 

Generally, the best way to improve your Keyword Views is to continue to think of brand new Keyword Ideas, research new and emerging styles, and experiment with Keywords to find the right combination and match them with the correct Etsy Listing in your Etsy Shop.

It can be a lot of work, but there is no better strategy to grow your Etsy Shop than to master Keywords. 

On Etsy, It Always Comes Back To Keywords

There are a lot of ways to bring people to your Etsy Shop.

You can try Social Media, ads on Facebook, or Etsy's Promoted Listings, or develop a strong following on Pinterest and Instagram. And in some cases, those strategies might work great for your Etsy Shop. 

But having strong keywords on Etsy is always going to be the best strategy to bring people to your Etsy Shop.

When people are on Etsy browsing around, they are already in the mindset to buy something soon. There are only a few other websites that do the same thing, such as Amazon, Ebay and Yelp. 

But when people are on Instagram or Facebook, they are looking to socialize. And when they're doing a Google Search, they are most likely looking up information - not necessarily to buy something. 

On Etsy, people are browsing around looking to buy something soon. It may be that they want to buy something right now, or they're planning to make a purchase within the next few days. And the main way they find something roughly similar to what they're imagining in their mind is to type in a couple of keywords to see what comes up in an Etsy Search. 

The trick here is to choose the right words that Customers try typing in and then match your Etsy Listings accurately to those keywords. Some keywords work better than others. Even if you have good keywords and you show up high in search results, your product might not match those keywords very well. And so no one ends up clicking on your Item. 

But if you match the right Keywords to the right Etsy Listing, then you'll end up lots of views for that item. And the more views you get, the more likely you'll get a sale. And every time you get a sale, your Etsy Listings gets bumped up higher in Etsy Search results.  And you'll continue to get lots of great benefits from having good keywords, views, and sales. 

So it's absolutely crucial to choose the right keywords for each of your Etsy Listings. If any of your Etsy Items are getting less than 5 Keyword Searches within the last 30 Days, then you'll likely need to work on improving those keywords to get more views.

It could take you weeks to find the right keyword match. So if nothing works within the next 7 days, try some brand new keywords again, and repeat the process every 7 days until you start to get some more views through Keyword Searches. 

Here are some basic principles to keep in mind for having good keywords on Etsy:

  1. Simple words are always better than complex, unique words.
  2. Make sure to use commas to separate keyword combinations.
  3. Two-word and three-word combinations tend to work best. They're not too generic, and they're not too specific.
  4. Never stop thinking of brand new keyword ideas that you have never used before. There are always, always, always new keywords you can try. You can even look in a dictionary or some random place to help you try to be inspired by brand new keyword concepts. Every day, I always encounter new keyword ideas I never even imagine would have worked before. 
  5. Try to get at least 15 Keyword Views to an Etsy Listing within the last 30 days. Usually, items with 15 Keyword Views have about 100 Total Views in the last 30 days. And, on average, you should be getting a 1% conversion rate, which means you should aim to get 1 Sale per item per 30 days. This is just a general rule of thumb, but it's a really good standard that's realistic that you should try to aim for.

Keep at it and always work on your Etsy Shop. And never forget that Keywords should be your number one area to totally master on Etsy.

Prepare Your Etsy Shop for the 2016 Holidays

When I talk with Etsy Sellers, many of them assume that since the holidays are coming up that their sales are going to go up automatically without any extra work. But this is not the case at all.

While more people do spend money on retail items during October, November and December, you're going to have to put in the extra effort to take advantage of those sales. Otherwise, people are going to buy from other Etsy Shops instead that are prepared for the Holidays and are putting in the extra effort. 

Here are 7 main things I've learned about selling on Etsy during the holidays to help you be appropriately prepared:

  1. If you want to get more sales, you need to put in even more time than ever.
  2. Gifting is a huge part of the holidays, so make sure to feature gifting items based on items you know have been used as gifts in the past. Certain items are better gift ideas than others.
  3. People look for deals during Christmas, so figure out some good discount or coupon strategies that work for your customers.
  4. You don't necessarily need "Christmas" items like Christmas Trees or Snowmen. Most items sold during the holidays are not directly related to Christmas. But they might be more related to cold weather like coats, boots, tableware, and home decor.
  5. Get ready for the Holidays right now, starting today. The peak of Holidays sales is Black Friday which is November 25th. That means you have less than 2 months to get ready. After Black Friday, Holiday sales online quickly decrease. 
  6. Keywords are always your best marketing strategy. You can do newsletter emails and social media, but updating your keywords about every 2 weeks is still going to be the best way to find new customers on Etsy. When people visit, they are usually ready to buy something, and those people are always your best customers.
  7. If you're not sure what to sell for the Holidays, focus on your all-time best sellers - especially the ones that sell well year round. People like classic designs that are popular no matter what time of the year it is. So feature your best sellers, instead of New items that don't have a track record of success. 

So get your Etsy Shop prepared for the Holidays right now. People start thinking about, planning for, and buying for the Holidays as early as October. So take advantage of the busy retail season. If you don't do any extra work, then you'll most likely see a drop in sales. Don't let that happen!

Refresh Your Etsy Shop

Every once in a while, it's good to take a whole new look at your Etsy Shop and refresh just about everything. 

It can be easy to continue to do the same thing every day with your Etsy Shop. But in order to take it to the next level, you have to re-think every aspect. 

Now that Fall 2016 has arrived, here are things you should consider refreshing for your Etsy Shop: 

  1. Totally redesign your Cover Image
  2. Come up with a better, stronger slogan for your brand
  3. Updated your Shop Announcement with something that will catch your customer's attention
  4. Update your Shop Sections to new names that will make Etsy Customers want to click and view them closer up
  5. Update and improve your Shop Logo/Icon and Shop Owner Image to something more professional
  6. Update your first 4 Featured Listings & 24 Listings to showcase your best sellers from within the last 30 days. 

Making bold and dramatic changes to your Etsy Shop can prove to real Etsy Customers that you are a leading, creative Etsy Shop owner that thinks creatively above other Etsy Shop.

By continually updating these areas every few days, we've seen a bump in Sales and interaction from customers. When you show that you are a real business, as a real individual that likes to be creative, people will want to buy from you. That's why they shop on Etsy in the first place!

Branding for Your Etsy Shop

When building an Etsy Shop there are 3 extremely important elements that all Etsy Shops require in order to attract customers and grow their Sales:

  1. The first is by having strong Product Designs & Product Photography to entice Etsy Customers to want to click on your listings. 
  2. The second is to have strong Keywords so that your items can be found by Etsy Customers through keyword searches. 
  3. And the third is to have a strong Branding image that establishes your Etsy Shop as a creative, inspiring and credible business. 

With most Etsy Shops I see, there is a lack of creative branding. While all Etsy Shops must follow the standard Etsy layout, there is a lot of opportunity for branding within the structure that they allow. And most of the time, the most successful Etsy Shops have a strong design presence throughout their entire Etsy shop.

Branding is essentially the image, feeling, mood and design sensibility that sets you apart from all other Etsy Shops. It tells your Etsy Customers that you are a creative business, that you offer things that no one else offers, and it establishes an identity to your Customers. It says something both about you and the people who buy your products. 

You can absolutely get sales and build a customer base with no branding at all. But in order to really push your Sales to a much higher level, you really need to establish a branding identity and be creative about it. 

You're going to develop your branded image over time, so don't worry about getting it right on the first try. You're going to refine your brand over many years. The most important part for you right now is to simply try it out today, and then plan to make little adjustments every few days as long as your business continues forward.

There are several places to put your own branding on your Etsy Shop. These places include the following:

  • Cover Image
  • Shop Icon
  • Shop Owner Image
  • Shop Announcement
  • Shop Title
  • Shop Categories/Sections
  • Listing Photography & Order of Listings
  • Shop Updates
  • About Images & Description
  • Shop Members
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Listing Descriptions
  • Spelling & Copywriting

Each of these little areas is going to greatly impact your ability to establish a brand on your Etsy Shop and you want each section to be filled out and look complete.

If you haven't done this yet, here are few areas you should work on first for maximum impact on your Etsy shop right now:

  1. Design a logo for your Etsy Shop and use it for your Cover Image or Shop Icon.
  2. Use a professional, real photo of yourself in the Shop Owner area. People want to know you are a real person, and not hiding behind an anonymous icon or graphic.
  3. Get at least 1 or 2 really nice photos of your products in your Cover Image or as your first 4 featured listings on your shop. It'll take a long time to improve all of your images for all your products, but you can at least have a couple to get started.
  4. Write a nice "Announcement" or Shop Description on your home page. Don't use a bunch of SEO text or keywords or something spammy. Make it sound real, genuine and interesting.

Below is an example of how our Etsy shop currently looks, as well as examples of 2 of our favorite Etsy Shops. Not only do they have nice branding and design, but they have thousands of sales. And some of these examples even have poor Etsy Keywords, but their great branding, product photography, and designs override the need for lots of keywords. If people love your products, they're going to want to share and buy them on their own, without you even needing to have good keywords.

Look at some of your favorite businesses for inspiration on branding.  

Don't necessarily look at other Etsy Shops. You want to look unique and different. Pull your inspiration from fashion, architecture, home decor, furniture, hospitality, luxury goods, or anywhere else like that. Don't just get inspiration from businesses that offer similar products from you. Instead, establish yourself as a creative, unique and inspiring business person, so that your Customers always look to you for ideas.