Etsy Essentials

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Etsy Essentials


"Etsy Essentials" is a 71-Page PDF Handbook on all of the things we've learned to build a successful Etsy Shop. "Etsy Essentials" covers:

  • Keywords & SEO
  • Listing Descriptions
  • Shop Optimization
  • Customer Service
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Coupon Codes
  • Our Story Selling On Etsy
  • Strategies For Getting Your First 200 Sales
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Melinda and Justin are amazing. I have purchased many of their products and I couldn't be happier. They have gone above and beyond, every single time. The information they share is spot on and invaluable. Thank you for everything. You have helped me immensely. Wish I could give you 10 stars!

Kim Schwieters

Fantastic! So helpful and generous with tips and pointers for digital stores. Highly recommended.


Helpful resource and very responsive shop owner. I'm looking forward to implementing the suggestions to improve my shop.

Dorrian Horsey


Awesome customer service... The guide was informative and easy to understand. We love the fact that it doesn't end there and continues on with newsletters!


So much value packed in here, takes the overwhelm out of your managing Etsy Shop and can't wait to start taking some action from all the helpful tips and assignments - Thank you for creating this! :)


This is one of the best purchases that I've made on Etsy and I would highly recommend it to any Etsy seller. I learned great tips about how to improve my shop and take it to the next level. I also got a very quick response when I contacted the seller with my own questions. Great experience! Exceeded my expectations!

Jana Volfova


Guide really great and helpful , explained very clearly . I'm not new on Etsy and I felt a little stuck in the development of my shop . I especially liked the part about SEO. Now I have lots of work to do on my shop for everything to be ok :) Thanks for sharing tips and tricks.

Coco Flower

Packed full of fantastic info for any shop starting out! Already seeing more views and more sales after implementing several ideas. Thanks so much!!


I have bought a few Etsy 'secrets' ebooks and mostly they just tell you to improve your listings. Not this one. Melinda and Justin have gone all out to really help you have a successful store, covering everything from time management to customer service. Recommended!



Excellent handbook with lots of useful information.Melinda answered my questions quickly and efficiently. For anyone starting a new Etsy shop, this would be an invaluable buy!


Melinda was very helpful and answered a ton of my questions very thoroughly and gave me helpful feedback about my shop! The guide was super helpful as well! I've already started making some changes. Thanks so much for a great guide and great customer service!

Cindy Jess

This is a great guide with lots of good tips and strategies. I discovered many mistakes I have been making by reading this guide. If you want a better understanding of how to optimize your Etsy shop and learn keyword strategies, this guide is a must-have.

Preston Yarbrough


This document is full of excellent information. So grateful someone took care to take notes on their experience and share this treasure trove of information with other Etsy shop owners. Looking forward to a more successful business by following these tips.

Emily Brannon

I highly recommend this guide to other Etsy sellers, struggling to improve their shops! Good read with great advices!


As an Etsy seller who has already done my research and read all the blogs, I found this guide to be extremely informative and full of useful information that I hadn't heard before. I also contacted Melinda directly with a question pertaining to my own shop, and she took the time to write me a long, well thought out answer and offered me her advice based on her own personal experience. Fantastic customer service. I HIGHLY recommend this seller!



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