Etsy Treasuries Are A Waste of Time


Every day, thousands of Etsy Shop Owners pound away at creating their next treasury. Our Etsy Shop gets featured in at least 10 Treasuries per day. That's at least 3,650 Treasuries per year.

Here's the problem: Etsy Customers do not care about Treasuries! 

They are looking for beautiful products, great customer service, and they want to find your stuff on Etsy. But Etsy Customers do not find product through Treasuries. They find them through Keyword searches. 

So if you're an Etsy Seller, don't spend a single moment on an Etsy Treasury. In my opinion, Etsy needs to get rid of the feature altogether, so that no one spends another second wasting their time on a futile marketing tactic. 

Instead, start experimenting with keywords. Here are 5 strategies to help you figure out the right keywords and start finding real Etsy Customers:

  • Simple, boring, ordinary keywords are good, like "Shirt, Jewelry, Necklace, Art, Chair."
  • Always experiment and try to come up with new keywords.
  • Use commas, to split up your keywords into bundles of 1, 2, or 3 keyword groups.
  • Fill up as much space in your "Title Description" and "Tags" for every single item you have.
  • Make sure no two items have the same keyword combinations. Change up the order as words as much as possible, so that you get more variety in your keywords and therefore more views.

Justin Wood

JPW Design Studio, California

Minimalist Website Designer