Get More Etsy Keyword Searches Every Week

A healthy shop on Etsy continues to get regular visits through Keyword Searches. 

And the best way to continue to get more Sales, is to get more Views to your shop on a regular basis.

Here's an easy way to see if your Keyword Views are effective and increasing. We will calculate your Etsy Shop's Average Daily Keyword Views with these 4 easy steps:

1. First, go to your Stats page at:

2. Next, scroll down to "Traffic Sources" and click "Search" under the "Within Etsy" column.

3. Next, you will see how many Keyword Searches you've received within the last 30 Days once you click on "For: Last 30 Days." For instance, in the image below, our Etsy Shop has gotten 46,799 Views.  Of those, 5,153 views came from Keyword Searches. 

4. Next, find out the Average Daily Keyword Views you get per day by dividing your total number of "Search" Views by 30 Days. For instance, 5,153 Views divided by 30 is about 171 Search Views per Day. 

Once you find out how many Average Daily Keyword Views you are getting per day, you can then set a goal to continue to increase those views by making simple improvements to your Etsy Shop every day. 

Since our own Etsy Shop gets 171 Keyword Views per day right now, our goal is to continually and slowly move this number up higher and higher each week byupdating best-selling items that are currently getting 5 Keyword Views or less within the last 30 Days. 

Knowing your Average Daily Keyword Views can help you establish a baseline for where you should be at each day, and aim to grow this number daily. Don't expect you daily Keywords to double all of a sudden. Instead, plan to make small, incremental growth every week so that you're making calculated, planned, and logical steps in growing your Etsy Shop, rather than leave it to chance. 

If you see that your Keyword Views are getting lower or staying the same, then you know the work you are doing on your Keywords is not improving, and you need to try a new strategy. 

Generally, the best way to improve your Keyword Views is to continue to think of brand new Keyword Ideas, research new and emerging styles, and experiment with Keywords to find the right combination and match them with the correct Etsy Listing in your Etsy Shop.

It can be a lot of work, but there is no better strategy to grow your Etsy Shop than to master Keywords. 

Justin Wood

JPW Design Studio, California

Minimalist Website Designer