Looking To The New Year on Etsy

With Christmas just a few days away, Holiday sales on Etsy are pretty much over with. Everyone will be doing their last-minute shopping at places like Walmart and Target to get cheap, last-minute gifts. 

The great news is that people get back onto Etsy very quickly right after the New Year starts, and now is the perfect time to plan ahead and think about how to optimize your Etsy Shop for January. 

Most items that do well in January typically include things related to New Years Resolutions and a lot more focus on the consumer's own identity, rather than focused on giving gifts to other people. Things that sell well in January typically include:

  • Fitness & Health - especially trying to lose weight after all the Christmas party dinners
  • Calendars & Planners - to focus on the new year ahead
  • Academic & School Items - as students head back to school
  • Spring Fashion - people start looking to see what the warmer-weather clothing trends will be in March
  • Home Decor - there's usually a surge in redecorating the home after Christmas ends

If your Etsy Shop focuses on any of these items, it's already time to gear up for January and optimize your shop to focus on these New Year trends. For our own Etsy Shop, January is always the biggest month of the year for sales, so we're anticipating the trend to continue. 

Until then, we hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, and we'll be back to continue sending you topics for selling on Etsy next week! 

- Justin & Melinda


Justin Wood

JPW Design Studio, California

Minimalist Website Designer