Show Etsy Customers Your Sales

There is a new feature Etsy which allows you to show or hide your Sold Listings. You may be tempted to hide these Sold Listings from customers in order to appear more professional or for some other reason.

But based on a lot of testing in Google Analytics and customer interactions, I highly recommend that you actually do show customers your Sold Listings on your Etsy Shop. The reason is because other customers want to know what is popular, what is trending, and want to feel like they're purchasing something that other people like as well. 

So if you are willing to show your Sold Listings, here is how to update that on your Etsy Shop. First, go to:

Make sure to replace "YourShopHere" with your actual Etsy Shop's name. 

Then, scroll to the bottom where it says "Sold Listings" and click "Sure, show them."

Below is a screenshot of how this looks on Etsy. 

Once this is enabled, customers will be able to click on your number of "Sales" to view the most recently sold items.  Below is a photo of where that number and link is available on your Etsy Shop. And remember that Etsy Customers want to click on this to look at your recent sales.

What I have found is that anywhere from 5% to 20% of your Etsy Customers are going to want to click on this link. They're curious as to what people are actually buying. And that's great. Because the more you can keep customers on your Etsy Shop, the more likely they will make a purchase. 

And if your Customers can see what people have been buying recently, they are more likely to want to make a purchase with you as well as purchase something that was recently sold. 

As a creative person that sells on Etsy, customers are looking to you for inspiration. They want to know what you think is popular, what you think looks good, and what you think they ought to buy. And another way customers are influenced is if something is being purchase by other people as well. It gives them confidence that they're making the right decision in purchasing from your Etsy Shop.

Another reason it is important to show your Sold Listings is so that you get in the habit of looking at your Sales and recognizing what is popular and has been selling recently.

Below is an example of what has sold on our Etsy Shop from just today.  What I find most interesting myself is that Biege & Grey items are being purchased quite a bit. Grey & Beige happen to be some of our worse-selling items, especially in Spring & Summer. And a lot of our Grey & Beige items have been expiring lately because no one has bought them in the last 4 months.

But this information tells me a bit that people are already looking ahead to Fall, where Beige & Silver designs tend to pick up. If I keep my eye on these trends each day, I can start to predict what will be popular soon, and even begin to make more items in this style as Fall progresses.

Also, the more Etsy Customers see that Biege & Grey are popular in the recently Sold Listings area, the more likely these items will continue to sell. And the more they sell, the more I can promote them as top-selling items. 

At some point Grey & Beige will become unpopular again. But as you sell on Etsy, you want to push for as many sales as possible while a Trend is still going on.

So if you're willing to do it, I highly recommend simply turning on your "Sold Listings" and allow Etsy Customers to shop by what's popular today. You'll increase your Page Views by about 5% simply by turning this on. And the more time customers spend on your Shop, the more likely you'll get a Sale.

Justin Wood

JPW Design Studio, California

Minimalist Website Designer