Finding real etsy customers


A big problem I often see with newer Etsy Shops is that they spend a lot of time trying to get their items featured in Treasuries, or Favorited a lot. But what really matters is getting natural Keyword searches, which then leads to natural page views to your Etsy Shop from real Etsy Customers.

Instead of spending your time on Etsy Treasuries, Forums or Favorites, look at your Etsy Shop Stats and see where your traffic is coming from. Most of your Traffic source should be within Your Shop, Your Listings, and Searches, because those kinds of views are where real Etsy Customers are. 

For instance, below is a chart of all of our Etsy traffic.  62% of all traffic to and within our Etsy Shop occur within the Shop, Other Listings, and Etsy Searches. That's where the action is happening, and that's the kind of views you want to see because those are the ones that actually lead to sales. 

Below is an example of the traffic we've gotten to our Etsy Shop in the last 12 months. 

So here's what you need to focus on:

  • Improving your keywords & using a broader range of keywords
  • If you're playing Etsy Games, or Treasury Games, or Favorite Games - Stop immediately.
  • Focus on optimizing your Etsy Shop layout so that customers can quickly find your best sellers.
  • Make your product images compelling and interesting so that customers actually want to click on them.

Justin Wood

JPW Design Studio, California

Minimalist Website Designer