Etsy Essentials | Getting Your First 200 Sales

If you're struggling to get your first couple hundred sales, sometimes you need to make some drastic changes to help jumpstart your Etsy Shop. Here are 4 ideas for you to consider when trying to get your Etsy Shop moving in the right direction.

1. Test Your Prices
If you're prices are too high, Etsy Customers will walk away immediately. If they're too low, Etsy Customers might think you're a cheap discount store. One of the easiest ways to change and optimize your Etsy Shop is through finding the right price. If you're struggling to get sales, experiment with different price points - both lower and higher - to see if that helps increase your sales. 

2. Get Rid Of The Unprofessional Stuff
If you have a few designs that are very low quality, or if you're wording is full of spelling errors, or your overall presentation on your Etsy Shop isn't looking so great, Etsy Customers will think you're not a professional artist or designer. You need to prove that you're Artistic & Professional. That's why people shop on Etsy as opposed to places like Amazon or Ebay. So establish yourself as a credible artist with a beautiful presentation.

3. Offer Custom Design Services
If you're struggling to get sales on your existing pre-made items, try offer some custom design services. This way, Etsy Customers can find exactly what they're looking to buy if you don't offer the right kinds of things that people want to buy. And in the beginning of your Etsy Shop, it is very difficult to figure out what customers like and are willing to pay money for. By doing custom design services, you can start to interact with real Etsy Customers and see what they're looking to buy. Make it very clear that you offer these services on your Etsy Shop. 

4. Ask Friends & Family For Help
If you're struggling to get your first few sales, ask friends or family to order one or two of your items and leave reviews. In the very beginning of your Etsy Shop, it is extremely difficult to get those first few sales when Etsy Customers see you have no sales and no reviews. No one wants to be the first person to try something out. So friends & family can help a little by jump-starting your Etsy Shop. 

Don't Get Burnt Out
Remember to take your Etsy Shop one day at a time. You're not going to see overnight success. Running a successful business is a long term process with many turns and twists you'll never expect. Don't spend 8 hours a day on your Etsy Shop. Instead, set a reasonable daily limit that you can afford to put the time into so that you teach yourself to set a good pace and keep at it on Etsy for many years to come.