15 March 2017

For at least the 10th time, our landlord has not fixed something in the house: the AC. Since Feb 14th, they have dogged fixing in. In the future, remember to pay for it and deduct from the monthly rent payment up to 1 time per year to prevent the landlord from taking advantage of the situation.

After 2 months of failed attempts, the best way to get more sales is through more listings and more keywords to get more people to the page as often as possible. 

It's better to focus on fewer high-paying clients than lots of low-paying clients. Saves time and feels less stressful.

Help Jayden to take deep breathes when stressed out. Usually, the anxiety or stress continues to build up and aggressive behavior only makes it worse. For Josiah, make sure to get his full 33 to 36 ounces of milk per day. 

Continue to work on communicating better, in a way she is willing to respond to.