19 June 2019

Today, I’m foolishly frustrated because we have not had 2 days worth of income to support the business, my 3 employees, and my income. It’s silly, because the last 6 months or long have been very stable, and last month was our most successful month ever. But it still worries me to not know if income will come in the future, and that’s stressful.

I’m also spending most of my day coding, which I hate, and is stressful to spend 1-2 hours on a single project, when we have 60 clients to manage. If I gave personal attention to all 60 projects, which are all time-intensive, that is only about 40 minutes of attention per client, per week, if I only worked 40 hours a week.

That’s another thing which is bothering me right now, I am still working over 40 hours per week, and - once again - burnt out. Clearly, I am not using my time wisely or efficiently. Something is still off. Do I hire a web coder? Do I re-arrange how our team works, do I take less projects? Fortunately, I think I am less stressed that I was 1 year ago, but the stress doesn’t stop and I don’t enjoy working as much as I wish I could. I guess I am just not quite there yet and need to put the pieces of the business together in a better way. Maybe 1 more hire, more training for my team, refining the business model, being more selective with taking on more projects, or just focusing more narrowly and getting rid of more distractions and too many ideas.