21 June 2019

I’m frustrated and burnt out to be trying to work hard on doing better customer service, but in a very frantic way. When someone gets in touch, I try to respond as fast as possible, all day though. And I’m burnt out, I don’t want to do or think about work at all. Again, spreading myself way too thin and trying to do way too many things. I need to get rid of more ideas, stop pursuing and be more calculated and moving towards each step wisely. I used to write down a plan every day. After several months, it worked great, and I stopped doing it altogether. I need to do that again. Refer to it first in the morning, and stick to it. Rather than waking up, and trying to power through everything that comes our way.

I used to want to pursue every singe business idea. Starting a winery, a restaurant, a cafe, a small hotel, an art store, design furniture, just about any idea you can think of that had to do with luxury hospitality. Now, with just 1 website design business, I’m burnt out. And I just don’t want to pursue any of it at all. I know I’ll be interested in it later. But the more my website design business grows, the more I realize I cannot pursue another business idea without ruining my current business. That’s a reality about life that I’m finally willing to accept, because I know that if you spread yourself thin, you will always be struggling. I think that means that maybe I’ll just get to pursue hobbies with family more often and just let go of all the other ideas. Not that ideas are bad, but that they ideas are just “nice ideas” to help inspire my one and only business.