Piano Song Work In Progress

Implementing the creative design process with business is my passion. I use creating artistic work like drawing, painting and writing music as my favorite analogy for working on a business project and seeing it to completion.

A business should be worked on as a series of layers, refining and moving things forward over and over again, as quickly as possible.

I use my iPhone as a cheap and easy way to record music ideas. I listen to the result, and then practice and record again. Then do that over 10 or so times, and the song is about 90% complete.

Then, I head to the record studio and force myself to get the song to 99% complete. I never get a recording at 100% perfection, because that would be impossible. So 99% complete is where I consider it a “perfect” job, because designing, building and making businesses is always an on-going process. At some point, you move on to your next project.