The Creative Process

One of my favorite activities is to learn the creative process. The problem is, I am really good at start-ups, but not scaling or growth. So it's something I need to study. Creatively figuring out an idea and putting together initial concepts in a fast and easy way. 

For piano music, I've learned the easiest way to get started is to take out the iPhone Recording app and simply record some music. No need to take 30 minutes getting out all the microphone equipment, stands, compressors and recording machines. That just prohibits me from moving forward. Whatever the quickest, fastest easiest way is so I don't lose an idea. 

The same goes for design. Sketching out an idea with pencil and paper as quickly as possible, so I can record a design idea. In architecture school, students were asked to make models of ideas, but that takes hours. What can be done in 8 hours of modeling can be done in 8 minutes with sketching on paper - to figure out an idea quickly and then do a new iteration later on. 

Here is a recording I recently did on piano with an iPhone 5 SE (nothing special, fuzzy, annoying to listen to), but it helps me remember an idea which I can later hopefully record a nicely done piano album in a studio.  

When I listen to this again, I like about 50% of what I hear. So I will throw out all the boring parts and try again with a new recording later on. Focusing on the parts that I like, and working on piecing it together. Over and over, until I am ready to make the final product. No money spent, very little time taken.