Thoughts on minimalist design

My thoughts on design have always been about efficiency. When I started designed when I was around 12 years old the style then was very similar to what it was today. Super simple, lots of white space. I think mostly because I was just impatient. I wanted to make something on the computer, print it out for my music, or make a website, and be done with it and move on to the next thing.

There are times when minimalism is just about being practical. Not anything beautiful or unique. Just get the thing done, and move on with your life. I didn't realize what I was doing at the time. But when I was 19 years old, I started to realize that the basic skills I had doing web design and graphics could be marketed to people who had established businesses looking to make their mark on the internet. 

The only things I change in terms of design were selecting the right fonts, spacing letters apart in an elegant way, and subtly changing dark blacks to dark greys, or bright whites to off-white greys. In photography, minimalism is about focusing on 1 or 2 simple elements, and filling the rest of the space with voids of color. And in architecture or furniture, it's about creating the easiest, simplest, least complex shapes that come together with the least material possible. 

For me, minimalism is not really about the aesthetic. It's getting to the final result in a simple, calm and elegant way, without too many tools, or materials, or complex processes. And I think that's ultimately the most important part about it.