Identifying Tasks & Services You Don't Love Doing

When growing and sustaining a minimalist business, one of the most important things you can do to develop a successful career is to identify all the tasks you don’t love doing first.

This way, when tasks come up you don’t enjoy you can first plan to eliminate them, if possible, automate them, or eventually delegate to someone else, freeing you up to focus on what you love doing.

One of my biggest mistakes was first delegate tasks I was good at, but actually enjoyed doing when it came to design work, and then having myself do things I don’t love doing, such as invoicing, or tracking project management.

I’ve heard someone else call it a To-Do List, and a To-Don’t List. The Do-Not-Do is equally or more important because a Minimalist Business needs to stay focused on its number 1 core service, without deviating and getting distracted by new ideas.

When building a Minimalist Business, you must have numerous layers of accountability. Having other people, systems, and “Rules” which force your to be focused. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get sucked into doing new ideas that seem interesting, but are truly a distraction. A Minimalist Business focuses on it’s #1 core service that is the most enjoyable to you and the most profitable to you and to your Clients, and perhaps as 1 or 2 other very minor, supporting services that re-enforce the original #1 core service.

For all the tasks that a business must normally have, such as marketing, accounting, invoicing, managing, designing, developing, shipping and so on, identify the ones you love doing, and the ones you hate doing, so you can plan to delegate the items which are necessary to run your business, but you loathe.