The Home Page / Establish Your Niche

One of the biggest problems businesses don’t do, especially in interior design, is they do not establish a clear, unique and differentiating niche.

Even if you know what your niche is, your customer doesn’t. And you need to clearly explain what that niche is so that there is no guessing.

Just as important is to keep that Niche as simple as possible, with as few words as possible, and dominate that hyper-focused niche.

The reason a Niche is so important is that your efforts, the things you love to do, must be paired with people who love that particular service.

One of the ways to make your website more effective to attract you ideal clients is to establish your unique niche and clearly state it on the home page of your website.

The home page of your website is like the front door to your retail store. It is the first thing they see and the first thing that will determine if they “walk in” to your retail store to look around.

If your Storefront doesn’t speak the language and tell the story that attracts your ideal client, they wont walk in, or browse other pages.

Your home page is comprised of the following 5 elements:

  1. Your Logo - again, it should speak to your ideal clientele in terms of its design

  2. Your Page Navigation - I recommend only Portfolio, Services & Contact - but more on those later

  3. Your best photo of your work - a photo that attract your ideal client - just like a retail clothing store does to draw people in

  4. Your niche/slogan - this is the most important because Words communicate the essence of your brand along side of the design aesthetic and photography

  5. A call to action. In most cases, the first call to action should be to “View your Portfolio” of work to bring them to the next step before drawing them to the Contact page.

These 5 elements are the most crucial. Too much content on the home page can lose peoples’ focus, but not enough information (too minimalist) can confusing people and cause them to leave. Strike a balance and leave enough info to get people’s interest, but not so much that it’s overwhelming and they find a reason to leave your website.